Jorge Machaen is a stand up comedian and actor with a great outlook on life. He has turned his life into hilarious stories about surviving a predominantly white American school system and town. Let him take you into a world only seen through the eyes of a guy who got offered a lot of tobacco work. 

He has performed around the country at some of the best comedy clubs like The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory, Zanies (Rosemont IL, and Nashville TN), The Blue Room (Springfield MO), Stand Up New York, and Stand Up Live (Huntsville AL) with some of the best comedians in the country like Louie Anderson, Marlon Wayans, Chad Daniels, Tim Northern, and Joey Diaz. He is also in a movie with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube on Ride Along 2 and has almost been on other individual projects that he doesn't want to mention because he was casted as a drug dealer.

Jorge has also performed at various comedy festivals around the country, including Gilda's LaughFest in Grand Rapids MI, The Women In Comedy Festival in Boston MA, and The Tim Northern Comedy Festival in Louisville KY.

Jorge is available to perform for ages 0-24 months, 18-64 1/3, and 88-102. 


Matt has been performing comedy for over 10 years. His odd delivery, and self-deprecating style has awarded him wins in several local competitions in the Kentucky area, but prevented him from ever holding down “a real job”. In 2009 Matt was a co-founder of “The Hard Times Comedy Tour” which was formed during The Great Recession of 2008-2009. The purpose was to provide crowds with affordable comedy to accommodate the times. Matt is constantly involved in producing, and performing comedy all over the region, and regularly produces benefit shows to help local communities. It is his pleasure to bring his unique style of comedy to anyone that wants to hear it.



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What is stand up and who is Jorge?
— Jorge's mom
— Fake News
I have never seen someone do so well after they bombed so hard for so many years.
— DJ Wood (fellow comedian)
It was the crowds fault. Bad. Deplorable,
— Jorge